Privacy Policy

Who we are?

Stando is operated by DeytMe LLC, registered in the state of Wyoming, United States of America.

This Privacy Policy refers to websites, apps, events and other services offered by DeytMe LLC. In this Prviacy Policy, we will refer to all the above as “services”.

Should you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy or your data protection, please contact us at: dataprotection@stando.app.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on December, 24, 2018.

What information do we collect and process?

Stando offers its the opportunity to meet new people and stay in touch with them wherever they are. One can do this by downloading an application to their cellphones or by visiting our website. Stando is an online platform for adults who want to meet other people. We operate our social network to give our users a possibility of networking globally. By joining Stando, a user enters into a formal agreement with us and gives us their consent to process their data in order to provide them service within the frames of that agreement. One can only become a user of Stando if they are 18 years or older, or more in the countries where the majority is reached when older than 18, accordingly. Stando does not wish to collect any information about or market to children, minors or anyone under the age of majority. If we become aware that a child, minor or anyone under the age of 18 has registered with us and provided us with personal data, we will take steps to terminate that person account. Stando reserves the right to retain such user’s email and IP address to ensure that they do not try to get around our rules again.

If one wants to join Stando, they have to complete an online registration form, where they provide us with various information, like: name, email address, gender, date of birth, location, and other optional personal details to include in one’s user profile. For cellphone users, we collect information about WiFi access point and location, which are used to identify physical location of a user, so that other members could see them, when they search for friends that are nearby.

One can always access their data and update, correct or delete them by entering their “Profile” page after logging in to Stando. The only data that a user cannot change once registered is their gender and date of birth. If one wishes to change their user’s profile gender, please contact our technical support team.

We strongly advise our users to be careful when posting sensitive details on their Profile, e.g. health information, telephone number. We wish to remind you that photos and videos that one posts on their profile may reveal such sensitive information. By uploading and entering one’s sensitive data, one is automatically giving consent to our processing of this information and making it public to other Stando users.

Safety and security of our users are our top priority. We also want our users to have best possible user experience. Therefore, we ask our users to verify their accounts. We want to make sure, our users are not robots and avoid fake accounts used for cyber crime or other malicious activity.

Most of our services is free of charge, therefore we need to process some data (demographics and location) to drive targeted advertising and we share such data with advertisers to support our business. This can be stopped via Settings but this does not mean that one would stop seeing adverts, they might just become less relevant. This option is also helpful for us to keep our users updated with our special or limited time offers. When given a consent by our users, we send such information to our user’s email addresses or phone numbers. This consent is also subject to withdrawal at any time via Settings.

When someone decides to become our premium user, we have to process their payment information and retain it securely in order to avoid fraud, as well as for our tax and auditing purposes. Collection of payment data is necessary for us to process the payment itself and for us to be able to perform our contract with our premium users. Payment data will never be used by us in order to perform any other activities than the ones described above.

What is the legal basis that allows us to use your data?

Stando is only permitted to use users’ data when we have a lawful basis to do so. We would never collect our users’ data for any malicious purpose. It is in our legitimate interest to make sure that user profiles are not set up fraudulently and to safeguard our users of our website and application. The consent is voluntary and may be withdrawn any time.

Who do we share information with?

We may share your personal data, but such which do not make it possible to identify you, with such entities as Google for location, industry analysis, demographic profiling and to deliver targeted advertising about other products and services. We make sure that companies we share our data with follow strict data protection and confidentiality provisions, consistent with our Privacy Policy.

Your personal data may be shared with the following types of third-parties: (i) fraud prevention bodies; (ii) law enforcement agencies; (iii) anti-spam providers; (iv) information technology companies which contribute to our services; (v) advertising partners; (vi) moderators to monitor activity in our services; (vii) payment processing companies that administrate our payment services.

Should Stando undergo a business transition or change of ownership, such as a merger, re- organization, acquisition by another company, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, or in the event of insolvency or administration, we may be in no position but to disclose your personal data.

How long do we keep your data?

Personal information is kept only if there is need to do so for legitimate business purpose (see above) and only as permitted by law. For our users’ safety, we reserve a 90-day retention window once the account is deleted, yet certainly the profile will no longer be visible on our services. After the 90 days, user’s information shall be deleted, unless (i) information needs to be kept in order to comply with applicable law; (ii) there is an outstanding issue, claim or dispute that requires us to keep the relevant information until it is resolved; (iii) information needs to be kept to evidence Stando’s compliance with applicable law; (iv) information must be kept for Stando’s legitimate business interests, such as fraud prevention, enhancing users’ security and safety.

Do we collect information about your contacts?

Our users can choose to invite their friends to join Stando as this would also give them the opportunity to meet new people. Hence, we give our users a possibility to invite their friends by email, which Stando sends in their name, or by text message (for Android and iPhone users). Our users may choose to invite all their friends or only to select specific names by unticking the ones they do not wish to invite. We kindly ask all our users not to invite any minors to join our platform.

When one import their contacts, we only store them to keep our users and their friends in touch and send out our invitations, we do not sell these telephone numbers or email addresses to third parties. An invited friend may always request removal of their information from our database by contacting us.

Your rights

Our users are in control of their information, that is why we prepared the following tools to help them exercise their rights: (i) setting tools in our service: these allow our users access, correct or delete information that they provide Stando with. This gives our users right to review or update their private information that are kept by our service. One can request a copy of their personal information or a correction in provided information by contacting us at: dataprotection@stando.app; (ii) device permissions: our platform has permission system for notifications, these settings can be changed on user’s device and they are the ones granting their consent or not; (iii) uninstallment: at any time user may uninstall our app using standard uninstall process for their device. This will in no way interfere with the quality of the service should they decide to use the web version only; (iv) account deletion: at any time user is entitled to delete their account.

Stando reserves right to reject certain requests for copy of information or corrections, e.g. should the request be unlawful, infringe intellectual property or privacy of other service users.

If one lives in the European Union, you are protected by the General Data Protection Resolution which gives one a right to lodge a complaint with appropriate data protection authority if there are any concerns on how their personal data is processed. This regulation provides the following rights, which may be exercised by a user that resides in EU: (i) right to be informed what personal data are collected; (ii) right of access, in order request a copy of their data at dataprotection@stando.app; (iii) right of rectification, in order to correct one’s data, please contact dataprotection@stando.app; (iv) right to erasure, in order to delete one’s account please visit profile Settings; (v) right to restricted processing, in order for us to seize collecting one’s data please contact dataprotection@stando.app; (vi) right to data portability; (vii) right to object to data collection; (viii) rights related to automated decision making including profiling: there are several rights in this area where processing, carried out on a solely automated basis, results in a decision which has significant effects for a user. In such circumstances, user has their right to make sure that the decision-making process is supervised by human.

If one lives in California, one can request a notice disclosing categories of personal information that Stando has shared with third parties and their direct marketing purposes during preceding calendar year. In order to do so, please contact: dataprotection@stando.app. Stando reserves right to respond to such requests upon 30 working days and to request proves of identity before answering such requests.

How do we protect personal data of our users?

At Stando, privacy is a top priority, hence we implemented proper security measures to protect and prevent data loss, misuse or alternation. We put a lot of emphasis to ensure secure use of our services. We wish to ensure our users that we take all possible precautions against possible security breaches of our website, no website or internet transmission is completely secure and we cannot guarantee that unauthorized access, hacking, data loss, or other breaches will never occur. Therefore, we kindly request our users to ensure that their personal data is safe on their end (including password) and to log out of account after use. If one loses your password or reveals it to a third party, or uses same credentials with a different provider who suffers from data breach, one’s personal data may be compromised. If that happens, please report it to us via dataprotection@stando.app

What are cookies and other data collection technologies?

We collect information by placing cookies and similar technologies like web beacons or pixels on users’ computer or mobile. We use them to recognize our users and their devices, hence their preferences which increases the user quality. A cookie is a piece of text stored on a computer or other device by a web browser. This is a tool that stores information about website visits. Please read our Cookie Policy for more information.

We wish to inform our users that they may set their browsers and mobile settings to block cookies and local storage devices, but should you do so, you may not be able to access all features of our services.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at: dataprotection@stando.app.
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